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A little backstory so you can get to know us better.

3D Crafts

We are a business located in Serbia (Belgrade) and we started working on February 2017.
Now we have over 200 successful business Co-operations with various Companies, stores and individual clients.

Our goal is to realize your idea from just a concept to the functional product or just to remake a copy of a part that you own. We are looking to improving our work and product limits in the future , for now we are working with 3d modeling, 3d printing and product design, also in the near future we are looking at adding few more machines to our workshop such as a Co2 laser cutter, a CNC mill machine, and much more.

Who we are

3D crafts is a international manufacturer with 3+ years of experience in rapid prototyping and production Plastic & wood components.

 We act as a real industry partner, providing excellent components as well as technical expertise, being with our clients each step of the way, from engineering design to the manufacturing and assembly of the industrial designs and mechanical products. 

Our rich experience has earned us a reputation as a dependable partner in the industrial design engineering & manufacturing market.

What makes us RELIABLE?

Providing precision & durable components, 3D Crafts has a strong focus on employing advance manufacturing facilities like CNC machines, 3D printing machines, CNC guided laser cutters which could ensure highest quality and reliability of components at our own production facilities. 





This is the essence of what our products are meant to do.
We offer the full range of rapid prototyping & manufacturing for plastic parts and wooden parts, as well as design and assembly service. A strong focus lies on in-house manufacturing to offer high-quality components at competitive prices. Offering a wide range of processing technology, we are a key player in the industry.

To ensure our products are up to the task, we design and produce our custom parts with an eye for the big picture, while paying attention to every little detail. precision excellence means for us that our clients can be confident in expecting the best from us in all areas.


Our vision is to become the global market leader in the rapid prototyping & manufacturing industry and the first reference for machinery companies for high quality components and services.

Our focus on quality, customer orientation, and professional employees and supply-chain partners is the key success factor for accomplishing our goal. We aim to expand our global presence to be your components manufacturing partner wherever you are.


We are not only persistent when it comes to efficiently processing your sample orders. We are also persistent when it comes to the stringent QC processes within our production facilities to ensure customer satisfaction – every day with every order.

It is our mission. We deliver precision critical parts and service to guarantee high quality of our clients’ product. No doubt that quality, testing, and precision are of the highest importance.

We are your components manufacturing partner throughout the entire project- from the first contact with us to signing off on the assembled products, we are on your side along the way. Extensive design & material consulting at an early project stage and a dedicated personal contact in the company are only some of the benefits you can expect.

With a globally online presence of service team and a large network of well-established local agents on six continents, we offer international support and contact while being your local and reliable manufacturing partner. We constantly reach out to extend our global service network and to intensify cooperation with our local agents to achieve our goal.