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Here you may find the answers about 3d printing, our services, shipping and more 

q – Are you just 3d printing items?

Other than 3d printing items we are also doing 3d modeling (Product design) and laser
cutting/engraving, in the near future we are planning on getting a CNC machine to make aluminum parts or even a Metal/Industrial 3D printer for more durable materials.

Q – Are 3d printed parts practical?

Yes they are,
but its best to make sure what would be the use of a 3d printed item before creating one, so that it could fulfill its purpose.

Q – Can 3d printed parts break easily?

It depends what would be its use, there are a lot of ways to reinforce a 3d Printed item so it could be stronger/more durable, but in most cases that requires a bit of a change to the design of the item.

q – Are you creating custom orders?

Yes. Check our page custom 3D and submit your request for custom 3d printing.

q – How long does it take to prepare an order?

Depends on the item and its production complexity but it usually takes around 2 weeks.

Q – Package delivery time?

Depends on your location, it usually shouldn’t take longer than 1-3 weeks.

Q – Are you shipping worldwide?

Yes. We make sure all customers from around the world get the product they are looking for.

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